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Shandong jinsheng axle manufacturing co.,ltd, which founded in 2000, is a professional factory mainly producing semi-trailer axles, suspension and relevant parts in china.

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Notes on Maintenance of Fixed Boarding Bridges

Fixed boarding bridge, like other handling tools, also needs regular maintenance in the future. What is the specific need for periodic maintenance of fixed boarding bridge? Here I will introduce you one by one:
Monthly Maintenance of Fixed Boarding Bridges
1. Hydraulic oil should be replaced in time when it is dimmed, sticky or has foreign bodies such as gravel.
Check the wear of rollers, intermediate shafts and bearings, cylinder pins and bearings, boom hinges and bearings. If there is wear, it should be repaired or replaced immediately.
3. Some lubricating oil should be added to each part, so as to prolong the service life of bearings.
Year-end Maintenance of Fixed Boarding Bridges
1. Discard all hydraulic oil and replace it with new oil to avoid using old oil. Otherwise, the moving parts in the system will accelerate wear and tear.
Check all hydraulic pipes and joints, pipes should not be damaged, joints should not be loosened, all joints must be tightened;
3. Remove and remove the drop valve. Blow the plunger clean with compressed air, then install and reinstall it.