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Shandong jinsheng axle manufacturing co.,ltd, which founded in 2000, is a professional factory mainly producing semi-trailer axles, suspension and relevant parts in china.

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Warm congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 13th China (Liangshan) Special Vehicle Exhibition

On September 17, the 13th China (Liangshan) Special Vehicle Exhibition opened at Liangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. Relying on industrial advantages, Liangshan County has successfully held 12 China (Liangshan) Special Vehicle Exhibition from 2005 to 2016, which is a national exhibition of the national special automobile industry sponsored by China Automobile Industry Association and Shandong Automobile Industry Association. The 13th China (Liangshan) Special Vehicle Exhibition will be held in Liangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 17 to 19, 2017. Through the holding of the automobile exhibition, the influence and radiation driving role of the national-level special-purpose automobile industry base have been brought into full play, and the exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign special-purpose automobile manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, automobile trade companies and related industries have been promoted.
At this exposition, Jinsheng Vehicle Bridge exhibited more than ten kinds of products such as trailer axles and suspensions. During the exhibition, people came and went to Jinsheng Car Bridge booth to visit and understand customers. Our staff enthusiastically explained Jinsheng Car Bridge products and innovative technologies to customers according to the needs of different customers. Among them, Jinsheng 10T lightweight axle series, Jinsheng air suspension and other products attracted the attention of many visitors and purchasers.
In recent years, axle and suspension are the fastest upgrading products in the trailer parts industry. Lightweight and longer life are the main objectives. Host engine factories and parts factories are striving for improvement. However, lightweight design must not sacrifice quality, especially key components. The primary goal of Jinsheng is to ensure product quality and to ensure that every product can have the same quality as Jinsheng brand. We will continue to improve the quality management ability according to our own characteristics, so as to keep the product quality in the leading position in the industry.