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Shandong jinsheng axle manufacturing co.,ltd, which founded in 2000, is a professional factory mainly producing semi-trailer axles, suspension and relevant parts in china.

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Shandong Jinsheng Vehicle Bridge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 2017 Meeting

       February 3, 2018, Shandong Jinsheng Vehicle Bridge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Work Summary and Recognition Conference of 2017 arrived as scheduled. All the staff gathered together and counted the storms and hardships of 2017. We tried our best to listen to the excellent employees, the sales elite's summary of last year's work and the bright blueprint of the company's future development. We spent a difficult time in joy and joy. Forget a day .



At the beginning of the annual meeting, Sun made a summary and Prospect of "advancing hand in hand, facing the future", and affirmed the work of the company's employees in 2017. In 2017, facing the complicated domestic and foreign market situation, we are pioneering and enterprising to meet the challenges, so that the company won the trust of customers with good faith, and established a solid foundation for Jinsheng brand. In 2018, we will spare no effort to grasp the good development momentum of the current market, improve the ability of technological innovation, and accelerate the pace of modern enterprise construction.

Address by General Manager Sun Wen



At the annual meeting, outstanding employees (Wang Shouxue, Liu Ailian, Pandexue, Tao Chunqian, Zhang Yujin, Yang Yanxue, Zhang Zhanfeng, Zhang Yansheng, Waiting Dian and Quxiaohan) and sales managers (Xuanzhixin, Zhang Xiancheng and Xinhengliang) were praised for their enthusiasm and diligence, which set an example for the employees of the company and created every pen for the enterprise with their unremitting efforts. Wealth.





In the warm atmosphere, all our staff have launched a rich and colorful performance of literature and art. The whole staff actively participated and the atmosphere was warm and jubilant. The performance of literature and art reflects the versatility of our staff to the greatest extent. The program also includes "Spring of Golden Flourish" performed by the technical manager of "Old Songs and New Sings", "Great China" sung by the staff, the "Blue and White Porcelain" performed by the delicate fan dance of the Finance Department, and the "Selected Paragraphs of Little Erhei" performed by invited guests. Different styles reflect our different demeanor, but there is one thing in common: for the company's better tomorrow, we will go all out and strive hard.


Blue and White Porcelain


Invited Guest Jing Lihong's Selected Paragraphs of Little Erhei

This activity strengthens the construction of enterprise culture, enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of all employees, embodies the strong will of employees and the spirit of striving for progress, and embodies the good spirit of cooperation among colleagues. Looking forward to the dog year 2018, we all staff, Wang (Wan) everything is going well, Wan (Wan) everything is going well.