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Shandong jinsheng axle manufacturing co.,ltd, which founded in 2000, is a professional factory mainly producing semi-trailer axles, suspension and relevant parts in china.

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Hongyan Railway Bridge Market with Investment of 700 million

On March 25, the reporter learned from the automobile of Iveco Hongyan of SAIC that the company will invest 700 million yuan to build a 300,000 bridge project on the original site of its old factory. These spare parts will not only support the Hongyan and Iveco automobiles made in Chongqing, but also introduce Iveco technology to re-enter the heavy truck bridge market.
After the successive joint venture between Hongyan and SAIC Ivico was relocated to Liangjiang New Area Automobile City, it is located in the old factory area of Shuangqiao, and is gradually becoming the production base of its key spare parts. "We will re-enter the truck bridge industry." Xiong Weiming, general manager of Shanghai Automobile Hongyan Ivico Company, said that the investment of this project will reach more than 700 million yuan, covering an area of 300 mu. Construction will start at the end of next year. After the completion of the project, it will produce 300,000 vehicles and bridges annually, with an output value of 4.5 billion yuan. Xiong Weiming introduced that the bridge of Hongyan truck had been the biggest selling point of its products because of its durability, but because of the fierce market competition, Hongyan did not invest more in the bridge at that time, which resulted in a marked lack of stamina. Xiong Weiming said that the bridge will be introduced to Iveco, Italy, to digest and absorb the products and produce a series of products to provide bridge support for heavy trucks in highways, industries and mines.