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Shandong jinsheng axle manufacturing co.,ltd, which founded in 2000, is a professional factory mainly producing semi-trailer axles, suspension and relevant parts in china.

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Shandong Jinsheng Vehicle Bridge is unveiled at the 2018 Hanover International Bus Vehicle Exhibition IAA

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018, the world's largest commercial vehicle and accessories exhibition, was successfully held in Hanover, Germany, from September 20 to 27, 2018. Organized by Verband der Autumobilindustrie (VDA), the German Automobile Industry Association, the exhibition has attracted worldwide attention. The total area of this exhibition is over 200,000 square meters, and more than 1.2 million international visitors come to visit it. There are delegations from Germany, other parts of Europe, the United States, North Africa, South America and other countries coming to the exhibition. The exhibition provides an international exchange platform for everyone who loves cars. The highlight of the exhibition is that the whole vehicle and its accessories of commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and heavy vehicles are specially displayed. Trucks occupy four pavilions, public transport occupies six pavilions, and others. Vehicles have four pavilions, and spare parts occupy four of them. Shandong Jinsheng Cheqiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Hall 21 Hall of China Pavilion.



As a vane of the commercial vehicle market and industry, Hanover Motor Show is delighted by the emergence of Chinese elements. From the early technical barriers, parts imports to independent research and development, the whole line of domestic production, and now out of the country, export overseas, China's manufacturing strength out of its own day.
In today's economic globalization, we have reason to believe that the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises, including Jinsheng Cheqiao in Shandong Province, will continue to improve in the world market, so as to truly move from an industrial power to an industrial power. In the future, more excellent Chinese enterprises will appear in the global market and lead the development trend of the industry.